Why Volunteer?

  • Free pass to all activities throughout PDW.
  • Earn Giving Back PDUs.
  • Certificate of Appreciation signed by Chapter President as documentation for PDU claim. 
  • Gain experience on supporting an event you can apply towards your career track as an individual.
  • Gain insight towards developing as as a Leader within PMI.
  • Meet and work with chapter leaders as well as the individual professionals and companies contributing to the event.

What do I have to do?

Just like any job:

  • Sign up for a volunteer role. 
  • Get trained on your role.
  • Show up on time.
  • Perform your tasks.
  • And, we'd like your feedback.

How many hours must I commit?

We're completely flexible.  There are roles with specific tasks you can do on your own time.  Other roles are on a strict schedule requiring your presence during the event at a set time and duration.


Associate Director Special Projects

  • High level team lead assisting the Special Projects Director
  • Leadership track role - train as a potential candidate to run for Special Projects Director.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Act as primary POC for all volunteers to disseminate information.
  • Collect all contact information on volunteers
  • Coordinate team leads with their team – once connected, the team lead should take over. 
  • Coordinate with team lead for Volunteer Certificate data.
  • Ensure registration, appropriate access to resources, coordinate discount codes if any.
  • Manage on day of event – ensure teams report where they need to be and have what they need to do their tasks.
  • Coordinate with Membership Director for dissemination of certificates.

Team Lead Facilitator

  • Recruit and train a facilitator and session support for each session
  • Insure facilitators and session support are in place and actively supporting the session
  • Act as backup when needed

Host / Facilitator

  • Supports each event session
  • Coordinates with Speaker to ensure connection, video, audio, field all Q&A
  • Reports to Team Lead Facilitator

Session Support

  • Provide support to Speaker and Facilitator
  • Watch session attendees chat and sign-in
  • Record session attendance
  • Handle any technical support issues
  • Take screen shots and upload to website
  • Reports to Team Lead Facilitator

Team Lead Gamemaster

  • Coordinate support volunteers
  • Design and facilitate networking
  • Design and facilitate games
  • Coordinate inventory of prizes
  • Track player competition, determine winners, distribute prizes
  • Actively engage attendees to network or play games

Gaming Support

  • Provides additional support for networking and games
  • Reports to Team Lead Gamemaster

Team Lead Tech Support

  • Act as main point of contact for all technical issues.
  • Insure sufficient training of all tech support volunteers, speakers, facilitators.
  • Manage event announcements

More Opportunities and How to Apply coming soon.