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2019 PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter Project Manager of the Year & Project of the Year Nominations

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Project Manager of the Year & Project of the Year

Nonminations deadline is Monday, October 14, 2019 - submit your nominations today!

It’s time to recognize those that deserve our appreciation.  Please send in your 2019 nominations for Project Manager of the Year and for Project of the Year.  Nomination forms available here:

Each of us knows at least one project manager that has demonstrated exemplary professional performance or knows of a project that deserves a high five.  Well, why not tell them so.  One of the best ways to do that is to nominate them for either Project Manager of the Year or Project of the Year.

Submit nominations on behalf or an organization OR submit them as an individual:  Some organizations award these designations within their own ranks and submit their winning nominees to our PMI awards process. That is a great way to recognize and promote project  professionalism within the organization.  If your organization does not currently do so, you can establish a new trend and begin the process this year. Even if your organization does not sponsor an internal award process, you can always submit can submit your nominations as an individual. 

Please email your submissions to: admindir@pmihnl.org 

Kind Regards,

Ben Yuan, MBA, PMP

Professional Development Director

PMI Honolulu Chapter

Phone: 808.429.2177

Email: professionaldevelopment@pmihnl.org 


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