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Call for Volunteer Positions for PMI Honolulu Strategic Planning Committee

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Volunteer Members will have the opportunity to meet their peers, foster networks, share ideas, seek practical solutions and build leadership skills.  You will earn up to 25 PDUs “Giving Back” and gain a 50% discount to the next 2022 Professional Development Day/Week events.

Eligibility: Local Chapter and/or Global PMI Member.  Committee Composition will be a diverse mix of organizations and members to include: Current and Past Board of Directors, Sponsors, Local Companies, Non-profit Organizations, Public Service Employee (City, State, County, Federal), general members (new and seasoned), and a skilled Recorder.  Non-members will be considered by exception on a case-by-case review.

Work Effort & Deliverable:  Utilize an approved collaboration tool to share information, coordinate tasks, provide updates and gain approvals.  Review Chapter surveys, conduct interviews, targeted focus groups and consider the cultural environment, value streams, stakeholder community, and best practices for professional development, recruitment, retention, and sustainable budgets.  Develop a cohesive Strategy and that is has compelling value, achievable/measurable objectives and is sufficiently resourced.

Commitment Level:  April through July 2022, convening bi-weekly virtual meetings and select in-person focus groups, as needed.

Deadline: Submit your nomination NLT April 9, 2022 by completing the volunteer application form at this link provided.


Contact:  Project Manager/Committee Lead is Kevin Koerner, kevin.koerner13@gmail.com, (571) 249-9805.


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