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Free Webinar: Essentials Skills for Today and Tomorrow's Leaders, August 20, 2020

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Free Webinar: Essentials Skills for Today and Tomorrow's Leaders

Course Description: With all the changes and learning what the “new normal” is, what are the leadership skills YOU need NOW?  What techniques and approaches do you need to be familiar with to lead your teams successfully into tomorrow? Join us for a free webinar as Jamie Champagne highlights and discusses key competencies leaders need to build into their tool kits.  We’re going to talk about agility (and what that actually means daily) and ways to embrace the digital spaces our teams, our business and our customers are living in.

Regardless your role or title, anyone working in a leadership capacity, responsible for decisions and getting teams to work together towards common goals should join us for these insights on how to approach your work in a way that helps you adapt to our changing environments.  Attendees will leave knowing some key areas of their own competencies they can work on to improve their leadership skills in tomorrow’s economy.

Instructor: Jamie Champagne

When: Thursday, August 20, 2020, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Pricing for Course:  Free Webinar
Location: Online Virtual Course via Zoom.

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Questions? Contact Jamie Champagne at Jamie@champagnecollaborations.com or 808-457-5504


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