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PDD 2018 KEYNOTE: Ramsay Taum - Ancient Wisdom Future Knowledge (3/10/19 - 4/7/19)

Olelo Cablecast

PDD 2018 KEYNOTE: Ramsay Taum - Ancient Wisdom Future Knowledge: Looking to the Past to Sustain the Future

(PMI Talent Triangle - Leadership)

Broadcast Days/Dates/Times (Olelo Ch. 53):

Sunday – March 10 – 12pm

Sunday – March 17 – 12pm

Sunday – March 24 – 12pm

Sunday – April 7 – 12pm

For a recording of the Ōlelo PM Broadcast click here

Speaker: Mr. Ramsay Taum

Speaker Bio:

Ramsay Taum is founder and President of the Life Enhancement Institute of the Pacific and Cultural Sustainability Planner at PBR Hawaii & Associates. Mentored and trained by respected Hawaiian elders, he is a practitioner of several Native Hawaiian practices including ho’oponopono,

lomi haha, and Kaihewalu Lua. Kumu Ramsay is a sought-after keynote speaker, cultural resource, lecturer, trainer and facilitator.

He was awarded the 2013 Peace Day Hawai‘I Peace Maker of the Year in recognition of his lifetime career advocating the spirit of Aloha around the world, in fields of ecology, business, communications, economic development and Hawaiian culture. His work in promoting sustainable

place based, and Hawaiian cultural stewardship principles and practices is acknowledged locally, nationally and internationally.


What did Native Hawaiians do to successfully live and work together? How can this apply to the future? Join us as Kumu Ramsay explores the practices, values, and principles that enabled Native Hawaiians to live and work together in island communities and how those values, practices, and principles can advance, manage, and inspire positive project management in the present and in the future.


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