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PMI Honolulu Member Kenneth Smith's article gets published in PM World Journal May 2022 Issue

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Schedule Slippages, Root Causes & Recommended Remedies

By Dr. Kenneth Smith, PMP

Despite the mantra, charge, and challenge of every project manager to be “On Time, On Budget and On Target” – and the ready availability of numerous “Best Practice” tools and techniques since the 20th Century surge promoted by the PMI, as well as other professional management entities — to this day project schedule slippages continue to be endemicrather than rare, isolated, occurrences.


From my perspective it is because from the outset – albeit inadvertently – so many projects are planned to SLIP SCHEDULE!  Consequently, during implementation, hapless project managers are saddled with the inevitable — almost impossible – task of trying to ‘catch-up’; but, in most instances falling short. For those few project managers who do succeed, the kudos they earn are well deserved.

For the full article click here in PM World Journal, Volume XI, Issue 5 May 2022



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