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PMI Honolulu Member Kenneth Smith's article gets published in PM World Journal November 2021 Issue

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Musings on Management of the Planning Kind: The ‘Learning Curve’ Conundrum

By Dr. Kenneth Smith, PMP

As an introverted ‘only child’ — with a father away at “the War” and a mother at work most of the time – I learned to read at an early age and spent innumerable hours alone as a ‘bookworm.’  Intrigued by many varieties of puzzles – anagrams, crosswords, cryptograms, syllogisms and the like – I endeavored to solve mentally; as well as physically disassembling then re-assembling jigsaws and mechanical objects with no pieces left over!  With a limited supply of ‘hardware’ to play with, whenever puzzle-solving, I repeatedly disassembled and reconstructed items faster and faster each time until reaching a plateau and/or tiring of the challenge.

For the full article click here in PM World Journal, Volume X, Issue 11 November 2021

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