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PMI Honolulu Member Kenneth Smith's article gets published in PM World Journal October 2021 Issue

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Decision Trees, EMV and THEE

By Dr. Kenneth Smith, PMP

In my previous two PMWJ Advisory articles, Benefit/Cost analysis was presented as a systematic technique to determine whether a particular approach was worth the monetary cost in terms of a Benefit/Cost Ratio; whereas Cost:Effectiveness analysis was for comparing the relative benefit of two or more options in terms of subjective effectiveness, where either or both the benefit and the cost were in non-monetary terms.  Decision Tree analysis is another useful quantitative Planning Phase technique in the Benefit-Cost-Effectiveness trilogy in project situations where several alternatives – i.e. not just Plan A, but also Plans B, C, D, E or whatever – are under consideration (and in contention) to achieve a particular objective, and:

  1. Both benefits and costs are monetary, and the
  2. Benefit/Cost Ratio is in terms of Expected Monetary Value (EMV).

For the full article click here in PM World Journal, Volume X, Issue 10 October 2021

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