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Top 5 Pitfalls of Working at Home and How to Overcome Them

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Top 5 pitfalls of working from home and how to avoid them.

“Hey! It’s not Saturday!”

Hammock-100x100.png1.  It feels like Saturday, so I don’t feel like working. It’s easy to lose productivity when you feel like you should be taking a nap, or walking the dog, or doing laundry because it feels like the weekend. Remember, it’s a real work day so do some real work. Treat it like a real work day

  • Get dressed for work
  • Start on time
  • Get through all emails, status updates, follow up tasks
  • Take a lunch break
  • Stop work at your normal time

Frustrated100x100.png2.  I can’t get stuff done the way I’m used to. You’ll need to learn how to work in new ways. If you’re accustomed to walking over to someone to ask a question, set up a chat app and use it. It’s just like tapping someone on the shoulder without being there. Use chat, text, conference apps.

  • Get your company to use a chat app everyone can get onto.
  • Use texting
  • Call them
  • Use video conference apps so you can see their faces.

Alone100x100.png3.  It’s too lonely. I’m getting depressed. If you enjoy solitude, remote work suits you. However, if you enjoy social interaction, you’ll miss the interruptions and idle conversation. While not productive work time, social interaction IS productive rest time that revitalizes you, keeps you in good spirits, and gives you energy to keep going to the next break. Increase how you keep in touch.

  • Use conference or video conference calls to keep in touch.
  • Plan a virtual meeting.
  • Make it part of your routine to have a lunch time chat.
  • Conduct a pau hana to touch bases and just inquire how everyone is coping.

4.  It’s uncomfortable. I can’t work here. If your workspace isn’t set up properly, it will feel uncomfortable and you may not be able to work productively. Invest the time and effort to set up your workspace as a dedicated area.

  • Set up a dedicated workspace like a home office.
  • Clear the space. Have handy all your work tools, cell phone, files, pens, and headset or headphones.
  • Set up the desktop on your computer to be more organized, add short cuts, quick access folders.
  • Avoid working on the kitchen table, sofa, or your bed. Those temporary set ups will feel too transient and are only good for an hour at a time at most.
  • If you are able, take steps to boost your internet connection and speed.

Noisy100x100.png5.  Everyone and everything is distracting me. It’s your home. You are used to doing home stuff while at home. Even if you’re successful in setting up the workspace at home, you’ll still have the family members, pets, and neighbors to consider. Create the right environment.

  • Get your family members to respect your quiet work time.
  • Ask them to help by sharing the care of themselves, kids, and pets.
  • Close the door. Set up a partition.
  • Use earplugs or headphones to reduce the distracting noises from inside and outside of the house.

Stay positive! Remember, you’re already saving an hour or two by not commuting to work! Use that time for your family and yourself, not work. You’re probably also eating better by preparing home cooked meals instead of fast food take out. Take advantage of the increased pickup and delivery services so you don’t miss out on your favorite meals.

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