PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter

Chapter Board of Director 

Position Description and Responsibilities

Communications Director


The Communications Director serves as the Secretary for the Board of Directors. Responsible for communications to the membership, the position evolved into the Information Technology administrator for the Chapter and maintains the Chapter website, emails, domain name, and other information systems. Works with other Directors to disseminate notifications, event registrations, surveys, and any and all communications to the membership.

Role as Described in Article V, Section 8 of the Chapter By-Laws:

Section 8. The Communications Director/Secretary shall keep the records of all business meetings of the HONOLULU CHAPTER and meetings of the BOARD and shall be responsible for distribution of other information on HONOLULU CHAPTER activities.

Communications Director:

Responsible for communications with the Chapter and storage of information.

Approximate monthly time commitment: 20-40 hours average. 

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Manage the Website and provide the Directors with the knowledge and tools to post updates. Look for ways to provide updated functionality and investigate new applications.
    1. Maintain / Update Board Committee contact list.
    2. Coordinate with other Board Members to post program or educational opportunities.
  2. Manage the Google Site (e-mail, calendar, documents and sites) and provide the Directors with the knowledge and tools to post updates.
  3. Sends out e-mails to members (and non-members) regarding Chapter activities or announcements.
  4. Take meeting minutes at all Board meetings. File minutes on website. If not present, responsible for finding replacement.
  5. Attend Chapter monthly meetings.
  6. Welcomes and networks with members at Chapter events

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