PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter

Chapter Board of Director 

Position Description and Responsibilities

Membership Director


The Membership Director maintains oversite and monitoring of the Chapter member database, encouraging membership growth and retention. Creates committees to address special groups or events expanding the Hawaii community awareness of PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter and its professional benefits. Provides new member orientation. Manages and updates volunteer database.

Role as Described in Article V, Section 10 of the Chapter By-Laws:

Section 10. The Membership Director is responsible for maintaining the HONOLULU CHAPTER membership database using information supplied by PMI®.

Membership Director:

Responsible for setting the strategic direction for increasing membership and providing value to existing members.

Approximate monthly time commitment: Varies from 6-10 hours a month on average. 

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor Chapter membership.
    1. Provide status report at each Board meeting.
    2. Provide list of members and their categories at membership meetings.
  2. Send monthly e-mails to the following groups:
    1. New Members: Welcome to the chapter and explanation of benefits and how to get involved.
    2. Renewing Members: Thank them for their continued patronage. Reminder of benefits and how to get involved.
    3. Dropped Members: Thank them for their past support. Inquire why they have decided to drop their membership.
    4. Prospective Members:  Let them know we’re here and provide an explanation of benefits and how to get involved.
  3. Assist with planning and execution of Pau Hana networking events.
  4. Look for ways to retain our members and get new members.  Develop answer to “Why should I be a member of PMI Honolulu?”
  5. Send out annual member satisfaction survey.
  6. Maintain Volunteer database.
  7. Attend and actively participate in monthly Board Meetings.
  8. Welcomes and networks with members at Chapter events.

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