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Position Description and Responsibilities

Special Projects Director


The Special Projects Director devotes their entire Board position effort to delivering an annual, highly attended, all day event,  Professional Development Day (PDD), conducted on Oahu (or virtually if health concerns demand). This position requires event planning, volunteer coordination, delegation, budgeting, scheduling, team building and dynamic execution of the PMP knowledge base. The PDD is a unique and special event that brings together PMI members and non-members in our business community to expand our understanding of local and global PM processes. Members learn from seasoned practitioners in educational sessions and earn professional development units to be applied to maintaining their PMP certification.

Role as Described in Article V, Section 11 of the Chapter By-Laws:

Section 11. The Special Projects Director is responsible for planning and coordinating any conferences held by the HONOLULU CHAPTER.

Special Projects Director:

Responsible for the coordination of conferences held by the Chapter.

Approximate monthly time commitment: Varies from 2-4 hours per month in the early part of the year to 20 hours per month as the PDD nears and can be as much as 40 hours in the 30 days approaching the PDD. Dwindles down to 2-4 hours per month following the PDD. 

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Plan for and execute the Professional Development Day (PDD) sometime in the fall.
  2. If hosting, plan for and execute Region 7 Leadership Meeting.
  3. Attend and actively participate in monthly Board Meetings.
  4. Welcomes and networks with members at Chapter events.

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