PMI Honolulu Hawaii Chapter

Chapter Board of Director 

Position Description and Responsibilities

Vice President / President Elect


The Vice President is elected each year and serves on the Board of Directors as described below. Upon completion of a year of service as Vice-President, the individual becomes the Chapter President. Below is a description of the general responsibilities of the President and Vice-President as the nominee, if elected, will serve for three years; one as Vice-President, one as President, one as Past President. It is recommended that all candidates have prior experience serving on the PMI Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter Board as a Director.

Role as Described in Article V, Section 6 and 7 of the Chapter By-Laws:

Section 6. The President shall be the chief executive officer for the HONOLULU CHAPTER and of the BOARD, and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding officers, including making all required appointments with the approval of the BOARD. The President shall also serve as a member ex- officio with the right to participate and vote on all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Section 7. The Vice President/President-Elect acts for the President in his/her absence at HONOLULU CHAPTER events and BOARD meetings. Upon the completion of the President’s term, the Vice- President/President-Elect will automatically assume the office of President. If the Vice President assumes the office of President early in accordance with Section 22 of this Article, the individual may serve as President for no more than two (2) consecutive years.

Vice-President / President Elect:

Serve with the current President to learn the position and successfully transition into the President’s role.

Approximate monthly time commitment: 5-10 hours average. More if taking on new projects.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Steps in for the President in the President’s absence.
  2. Manage projects at the request of the President.
  3. Serves as a coach and mentor to the other Board Members
  4. Updates the Strategic Alignment Scorecard
  5. Updates the Chapter Bylaws (once every 3-4 years, or as required)
  6. Attends monthly Board and Chapter meetings
  7. Welcomes and networks with members at Chapter events
  8. Facilitates Sister Chapter Relationships
  9. Plan & Execute Pau Hana Networking Events


The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer for the Chapter, the Board of Directors and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding officers.

Monthly time commitment: 15 - 20 hours average. 

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Presiding Officer Duties
    1. Leads the development of the vision and strategic plan for the chapter.
    2. Provide leadership and oversight for Chapter Management.
    3. Ensure that the decisions and actions of the Chapter are in alignment with the bylaws and policies of the PMI Honolulu Chapter.
    4. Serves as a coach and mentor to the other Board Members.
    5. Provide growth opportunities for the Board to enhance their leadership and management skills.
    6. Responsible for ensuring the success of the Chapter and the performance of the Board.
  2. Chapter Representative
    1. Liaison with PMI Global Operations Center and other Chapters, including representing the Chapter in the monthly Region 7 conference calls.
    2. Serves as the first point of contact for outside inquiries.
  3. Meetings
    1. Organizes and facilitates the board meetings.
    2. Opens and closes monthly membership meetings.
    3. Welcoming address at the first class of the PMP Exam Preparation Course
  4. Welcomes and networks with members at Chapter events.

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